Relive the Excitement of Champlain's Last Great Expedition

A Call to Remember – Champlain’s Dwelling at Carhagouha

The first three of Samuel de Champlain’s settlements in New France are well known, but the fourth one remains forgotten. It is as if history had a sudden lapse of memory. In 1604 there was the St. Croix Island settlement, located in the present state of Maine in the United States. It was the very […]

The astrolabe legend

Authentic or forgery? I strike today’s imagination. I evoke the resourcefulness of adventurers who once braved the unknown. Who am I?? The maps produced by Samuel de Champlain are fascinating: they are so accurate that the explorer-geographer has the enviable reputation of having created the first Canadian territory maps considered scientific. In the GPS age, […]

Alfred: 150 years of history in the Kingdom of POPSILOS in Eastern Ontario

By Jean-Pierre Bernier, Aurora, Ontario The village of Alfred is located between Ottawa and Montreal on Champlain’s new historic route, which closely follows the route that the “Father of New France” took on his first voyage to Huronia (the former Huron-Wendat country) in 1615 and 1616. According to Statistics Canada (2016), French is the official […]



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Relive the excitement of Champlain's last great expedition

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Route Champlain is a journey through time and a 100% nature adventure!

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Route Chaplain is a Journey through Time and a 100% Nature Adventure