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Le Boat, the number one luxury houseboat rental vacation company in Europe, is now on the beautiful Rideau Canal!

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Rideau spans a series of spectacular canals, rivers and lakes between the vibrant cities of Ottawa & Kingston.

Here you’ll unwind and take in breathtaking nature, picturesque towns and unique shops and restaurants.

Choose from 3-4 nights short breaks, one week, or 10+ days. No experience or license required.

Horizon master cabin

You’ll find Le Boat’s new Horizon cruisers easy to drive, spacious and modern. With roomy saloons & outdoor decks, fully-equipped kitchens and comfortable ensuite cabins that sleep 2-12. You’ll make lifelong memories as a couple, with friends or family on your Le Boat!

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The Rideau Canal flows between Ottawa and Kingston in Southern Ontario. These two cities are easily accessible by car and bus from Toronto (260km to Kingston) and Montreal (200km from Ottawa).

The Canal itself is accessible by car, on foot or by boat. The busy season extends from the spring to the fall. While the locks themselves are closed for the winter, you can do still skate, cross-country ski, snowshoe or ice-fishing on the Canal.

To learn more on the Rideau Canal, visit the Parks Canada website.

Take the Scenic Drive

The Rideau Heritage Route follows the historic Rideau Canal and winds its way through the bucolic countryside, from the shores of Lake Ontario in Kingston to the nation’s capital on the Ottawa River. Navigate on the Canal alongside historic and picturesque villages and cross historic locks and lakes on the only UNESCO World Heritage Site located in Ontario: the Rideau Canal.

Take the wheel and discover a variety of golf courses, stores, galleries and rustic cabins. The Rideau Heritage Route, with its locks and lakes, is a wonder from start to finish.

The Rideau River
The Rideau River flows northward from the Rideau Lakes in Eastern Ontario to the Ottawa River in Ottawa. The River traverses flat agricultural lands underlain by limestone, which was once an ancient seabed. The soils are rich, and the land gently rolling. The river spills into the Ottawa River over a dramatic limestone ledge in a wall of white spray, inspiring explorer Samuel de Champlain, the first European to see it, to name it rideau, meaning “curtain” in French. (Source : Maxwell W. Finkelstein, Canadian Encyclopedia, 2014)

The Rideau (pronounced “Reed-O”) is many things to many people. It is a superb area for recreation, it’s a wonderful part of our Canadian heritage and it is a celebration of nature.

To answer the initial question, What’s a Rideau?, the word rideau is French for curtain, the appearance of the falls where the Rideau meets the Ottawa River, to Samuel de Champlain who travelled up the Ottawa River in 1613. The name Rivière du Rideau first appeared on maps in about 1700.(Source: Friends of the Rideau)


Laced together by the sparkling St. Lawrence River, Rideau Canal, Bay of Quinte and Lake Ontario, this region serves up all the ingredients for a perfect getaway. On its shores you’ll find fascinating history, quaint villages, inspiring art, live theatre and gastronomic delights.

On its waters, enjoy world class sailing and scuba diving, pristine beaches and leisurely cruises. Inspired by the original Mohawk name ‘’Kaniatarowanenneh’ (big water), this beautiful stretch of Ontario is entirely linked by water — from Cornwall on the St. Lawrence River to Lake Ontario’s Kingston and on to the Bay of Quinte. In between, it’s dotted by hundreds of lakes and winds its way north along the UNESCO World Heritage designated Rideau Canal.




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