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Leisure Farms has been a family owned and operated business since 1981. Our farm is situated in the vibrant small community of Sturgeon Falls (West Nipissing) and stretches alongside the serene Sturgeon river. Leisure Farms produces fresh strawberries, raspberries, corn and pumpkins.

For over 30 years, meticulous care has been taken to ensure that the produce that is grown and cultivated on the farm meets the highest of quality, freshness and taste. Our family farm is not only a place to pick and buy fresh local produce but also a place for everyone to meet and take part in various family activities such as enjoying a picnic, a wagon ride and/or roast marsh mellows on the bonfire.

Leisure Farms also offers daily, fresh baked pastries such as homemade fruit pies, breads and award winning jams and jellies. Our family farm gives the opportunity for everyone to enjoy fresh air, view beautiful fields full of sweet red berries and the chance to connect with local or newcomers alike.

Enjoying a day at our farm is an experience like no other and offers many the chance to unwind, make new friends and appreciate one of the community’s best kept secrets.

From Mattawa, which he found to be a very pleasant place, Champlain and his crew headed west. He  reached Lake Nipissing on July 26, after several portages, the tracks of which are still visible along the shores of the Mattawa River.

He liked that lake, its islands and the small rivers that fed into it. He described the north shore of the lake as very pleasant, with lovely prairies. He even spent two days there with the Nipissings.

He then continued on, ending up at French River, a veritable dreamland with its rocky landscape and giant pines. However, he found the austere and unwelcoming shoreline unsuitable for a settlement in New France, which was his goal. He found the entire area even more unpleasant that the previous one, unable to find so much as ten acres of arable land, given that it was nothing but rock, but not even mountainous.

Fortunately, there were blueberries and raspberries…and the gentle sea of Georgian Bay.

Northern Ontario is wild and timeless. Its ebony nights reveal the splendour of the starry vault. Blazing the trail for explorers who would then proceed on to James Bay, Champlain crossed from the Outaouais to Georgian Bay, using waterways that remained untamed.

From the Mattawa River to the portages marked by the First Nations and voyagers as far as the delta of the rocky French River, prepare to meld into nature…and to discover the dynamic Francophone communities that proudly carry their long history.

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