Three Crosses of Mattawa

The Three Crosses were erected on this site in 1686. A group of Explorers and missionary priests during their trip up the Ottawa River stopped at Explorer’s Point to repair their canoes. In commemoration and by order of Sieur de Troyes, they decided to mark the place where the two rivers meet and erected the three crosses.

The Three Crosses are located on the crest of the Laurentian Mountains, on the other side of the village of Mattawa on the Quebec shore. You can observe them from the Mattawa Museum.


Mattawa, nestled in the upper Laurientians and situated at the junction of the Ottawa and Mattawa Rivers, has been a favourite rest stop for travelers and vacationers since the days of the voyageurs. Here where the waters meet you can enjoy the warmth and charm of a bilingual community eager to please and ready to welcome you with open arms.

Mattawa is the oldest settlement in the Nipissing District. Many historic figures such as Champlain, Brulé and Radisson passed through on there way west. It was a regular stop during the fur trade years. A Hudson’s Bay post and fort were established in the 1830’s. Visitors are always welcomed to the beautiful Mattawa and District Museum, which is located at Explorer’s Point where the Ottawa and Mattawa Rivers converge.

Source: Excerpt from Voyageur Days, Mattawa, Ontario, Canada

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